JPYR Course Curriculum

New Milestones Opened Every Friday at noon Mountain

  • 1

    Welcome! Let's Get Started

    • What do I mean by "jerk" and how is this a useful term to help you create great relationships?

    • Welcome including how this course works, actions to take right now, and what results you can expect.

    • Join the Jerk-Proof Your Relationships members only Facebook group

    • Everything About the Live Coaching Calls - Where, When, Recordings, and Submitting Questions

  • 2

    Pre-Course Milestone: Set Your Resilient Relationship Goal

    • Setting Your Resilient Relationship Goals

  • 3

    Milestone 1: Radical Communication

    • Radical Speaking: The Jerk Moves of Speaking (aka things that make it hard for people to hear you)

    • Radical Speaking: Attitudes to Adopt and Actions to Take (aka what to do instead)

    • Radical Listening: Jerk Moves of Listening

    • Radical Listening: Attitudes to Adopt and Actions to Take

    • Instructions for Listening Pairs

    • Tools for Hard Conversations

    • BONUS 1: Deep Listening Full Class

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  • 4

    Milestone 2: Radical Yes

    • The Content in This Milestone is Live

    • The Superpower of Radical Yes and How to Notice, Trust, Value, and Communicate

    • Why We Don't Ask For What We Want; What We Do Instead

    • Want Rant

    • Request, Offer, Invitation, and Demand

    • The Wheel of Consent - A Powerful Practice for NTVC Your Wants

    • 10x More Excited

    • Radical Yes In Conclusion

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  • 5

    Milestone 3: Radical No

    • Radical No: Concepts and Domain

    • Radical No: Domain Continued (live presentation highlighting privilege and choice)

    • Radical No: Notice, Trust, Value, Communicate (NTVC)

    • Radical No: The Spectrum of Wanting, Willing and No

    • Radical No: Why We Don't Set Boundaries and What We Do Instead (aka the jerk-moves that lurk in the shadows of not setting boundaries)

    • Radical No: Practice and Homework

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  • 6

    Milestone 4: Radical Vulnerability

    • What is Vulnerability?

    • Jerk-Moves of Vulnerability

    • Radical Vulnerability Attitudes and Actions

    • Feelings, Needs, and Values vs Judgements, Strategies, and Shoulds

    • Timescale and the Myth of Equality

    • Practicing Radical Vulnerability : Values Rant

    • Practicing Radical Vulnerability: Empathy Role Play Written Instructions, Long Form

    • Practicing Radical Vulnerability: Empathy Role Play Live Class Demo with Kara

    • Practicing Radical Vulnerability: "What Happens Then?" Demo with Houdini

    • Radical Vulnerability: Conclusion and Homework Summary

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  • 7

    Milestone 5: Radical Intimacy

    • Overview and Jerk-Moves of Intimacy

    • More Jerk-Moves of Intimacy

    • Actions to Create Radical Intimacy

    • Radical Sex and Radical Touch

    • Parts Work: Components

    • Parts Work: Managers, Firefighters, and Exiles

    • Parts Work: Guidance on Connecting With Your Compassionate Presence

    • Parts Work: Demonstration with Madelon, Live from Deep Listening

    • Parts Work: Written Instructions for Listening Pairs Homework

    • Support for your Radical Intimacy

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  • 8

    Milestone 6: Radical Self-Care

    • Overview and Jerk-Moves of Self-Care

    • Self-Care Attitudes and Actions

    • Radical Self-Care and Spectrum of Strategies

    • An Overview of Self-Care Practices

    • Practice: 5 Elements Breathing Exercise

    • Practice: 10x More Excited

    • Practice: Anger Hitting Pillows

    • Poetry for Self-Care

    • Making Time for Self-Care

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  • 9

    Recordings of the Live Coaching Q&A

    • JPYR Live Group Coaching List of Previous Sessions

    • 5-5-20 Live Group Coaching

    • 5-12-20 Live Group Coaching

    • 5-19-20 Domain, Changing Your Mind, and Responsibility Live Group Coaching

    • 5-26-20 Boundaries, Vulnerability and Uncertainty

    • 6-2-20 10x More Excited, Compassionate Presence, Not being a jerk around death, Relating to someone who wants more listening than you want to give

    • 6-9-20 checking in with each person, #blacklivesmatter, being the change we want to see

    • 6-16-20 Let's Talk About Sex

    • 6-23-20 Wheel of Consent

    • 6-30-20 Self-Care

    • 7-7-20 Sharing Impact (after we started with a dance break, not recorded)

    • 7-14-20 10x more excited, meditation, getting to know each other

    • 7-21-20 Live from Deep Listening Parts Work: Meditations on Compassionate Presence and Managers

    • 7-28-20 Radical Yes and Vulnerability in Dating and Wanting to Be Exclusive. Revisiting Resilient Relationship Goals

    • 8-4-20 Milestone 1: How to offer the listening that's really wanted and make it easier on you as the Listener

    • 8-11-20 Radical Intimacy bridge conversation between polyamory and monogamy

    • 8-25-20 Milestone 2 Radical Yes writing and sharing exercises

    • 9-1-20 Radical Listening, first dates, Radical No, and talking with parents

    • 9-15-20 Self-care and poetry to deal with anxiety

    • 10-6-20 Radical Vulnerability including practicing feeling good in vulnerability